GOBLET Standards Committee: our activities and future vision

TitleGOBLET Standards Committee: our activities and future vision
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsTyagi S, Schneider MV, Morgan S, Charleston M, Palagi P, Kumuthini J, Rustici G, Attwood TK
KeywordsBioinformatics training, Bioschemas, data standards survey, FAIR principles, life science data standards, training metadata standards, training standards

Recognising the importance of internationally-recognised standards in data-driven science, GOBLET’s Standards Committee is contributing to the open science data life-cycle by helping to develop standards for annotating training materials and events. Well-annotated materials will help to make them more ‘FAIR’ for the benefit of the bioscience community. Here, we introduce some of the Committee’s work and review preliminary results of our standards-awareness survey.