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Fund-raising Committee

The Fund-raising committee aims mainly to:

  • stimulate collaborative projects within GOBLET and with the training community;
  • raise funds to sustain GOBLET and its projects.

Current projects & Activities

Train-the-Trainer initiative
GOBLET is seeking funds to support its Train-the-Trainer in High-Throughput Sequencing (HTS) initiative. The need for tailored HTS data-analysis training solutions across diverse and dispersed audiences is high, and continues to grow. Training courses are available around the world, but the numbers are not sufficient to cope with demand. Therefore, the need to train researchers to become skilled trainers, enabling them to deliver high-quality courses in HTS data analysis, is urgent, if we want to be able to meet training demand around the world and provide sustainable training. This is the aim of the “Train-the-Trainer” initiative. You will find the details of this project here. If you'd like to learn more about this project, or would like to contribute to this Committee, please get in touch with us via the contact email below.

Achievements & Highlights

The Fund-raising Committee, working with all GOBLET members, ran a Workshop on Education in Bioinformatics (WEB) session during the ISMB/ECCB2015 congress in Dublin. This WEB session, entitled "Unlocking the super teacher inside you - Becoming competent in delivering bioinformatics training", was a collaborative session of GOBLET, ISCB's CoBE CoSI and the ISCB Education Committee.

Contact us:



Asif Khan

Executive Board Coordinator for PR and Outreach

Javier De Las Rivas

Executive Board Coordinator for Learning, Education and Training