Executive Board

GOBLET is run by a 4-member Executive Board (EB) elected by the Full Board. The EB effects the decisions of the AGM, oversees the Foundation’s finances, and coordinates its day-to-day business. All of its members act as GOBLET ambassadors and represent GOBLET in relevant events and other committees.


The Fund-raising committee aims mainly to:

  • stimulate collaborative projects within GOBLET and with the training community;
  • raise funds to sustain GOBLET and its projects.

Learning, Education & Training

The aim of the LET Committee is to coordinate the development and sharing of best practice in teaching and learning methods, and to support bioinformatics trainers. This includes contributing to curriculum guidance, core competencies, trainer recognition, and developing a trainer-support platform.

Outreach & PR

The Outreach & PR committee aims to:

  • promote the mission of GOBLET, publicise the organisation’s membership benefits and teaching resources, promote upcoming events via announcements and website updates;
  • support GOBLET with its marketing and promotional aspects, from brochures to booth exhibits, etc.


Data-driven science is generating biological data at unprecedented rates. To make the information sequestered in the accumulating data accessible to the community, and to represent it such that it can be translated to knowledge, requires the development of rigorous data-stewardship practices and deployment of training. Data science is an emerging field, and training programmes are just being established. Best practices in data curation and in data-science training need to be established.

This is the group of people that care for standards in training and for training!

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee designed and maintains the GOBLET website and Training Portal.