Learning, Education & Training


The aim of the LET Committee is to coordinate the development and sharing of best practice in teaching and learning methods, and to support bioinformatics trainers. This includes contributing to curriculum guidance, core competencies, trainer recognition, and developing a trainer-support platform.

Current projects & Activities : 

Accreditation/Recognition Task Force (ARTF)


This task force (TF) aims to develop a recognition process for courses and trainers. It has been collecting data on how training is recognised in scientific and business areas, how industry uses badges, and how the Open Badges project is being picked up in a systematic way through observation of the work of the Mozilla Open Badges development team.


  • Providing a shared mechanism for recognition/accreditation of training and trainers
  • Devising mechanisms for sharing best practice
  • Shared monitoring/evaluation system for courses and programs
  • Evaluating online courses

Contact: Pedro Fernandes


Train-the-school-teacher Task Force (TSTTF)


The aim of this TF is to share experience within and outside GOBLET, and accumulate materials and examples of best practice for introducing bioinformatics to high-school teachers and to the public at large. One particular challenge related to this TF is that i) the material is often written in the native language of the country providing it, and ii) there is no universal school biology curriculum.


  • A survey has been prepared to collect the efforts of GOBLET partners in this area. Follow-up activities: set up a document to provide insight into how high-school bioinformatics teaching is organised in different countries.
  • Identify key principles that are shared between most school curricula and that could be linked with a bioinformatics activity.
  • Collect information on related ongoing initiatives and projects world-wide, and establish liaisons with them (e.g., European Schoolnet, InGenious , ELLS or Scientix).
  • Bioinformatics activities for the general public: best practices and examples used by different partners during exhibitions, open days and science fairs will be collected and made freely available.

Contact: Marie-Claude Blatter


Trainer-Support Task Force (TSTF)


The aim of this TF is to support bioinformatics trainers at all levels of experience to develop professionally. The TF has conducted a survey and, to kick-start a process for sharing best practice on developing new trainers, a skills matrix had been circulated for comment. In addition, a resource kit is being developed to support existing trainers. Many of the projects listed below are being done together with the ELIXIR training community.


  • A consensus document for training trainers
  • Defining minimum requirements for bioinformatics trainers
  • Creating descriptions of learning methods
  • Curriculum development
  • Find successful examples
  • Run pilots at new centres
  • Set up a webinar on using the training skills matrix

Contact: Cath Brooksbank


E-learning (ELTF)


The main goals of this TF are to:

  • Establish a list of e-learning resources in bioinformatics. We will start by collecting information and putting the list on the GOBLET website. We aim to attach information about quality, experiences, update frequency, etc., for these resources.
  • Gather knowledge and insight into GOBLET about e-learning principles (what works, what doesn't, and why) and share this with the GOBLET community (through the trainer-support platform).
  • Liaise with e-learning providers, discuss possible collaborations (e.g., in bringing their material/courses to the GOBLET community).
  • All efforts within this TF will, as far as possible, be aligned with existing initiatives related to e-learning in bioinformatics (e.g., the ELIXIR Training E-learning programme).

Contact: Celia van Gelder


Capacity Development (CDTF)


This TF aims to reach out to developing countries to see how we can support trainers and the development of courses. This includes helping with curriculum development, disseminating best practices, train-the-trainer programs and starting new degree programs in bioinformatics.

Contact: Nicola Mulder

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