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You need to be an ‘administrator user’ of the Committee to be able to add new members to it. A few steps are needed to do this:

  1. Login with your user name
  2. Go to ‘About-us’ – Committees’, and choose the Committee to which you want to add a new member.
  3. Select the ‘Group’ tab. Inside this, click on ‘Add people’.
  4. In the ‘username’ text box, you should introduce a piece or the full username of the user you want to add to this Committee. When you write something, this box shows you the users that accomplish with the letters you wrote, and it can be added to the Committee. You should choose one of them.
    Besides, you can select the date that person started to work and his Job title.
  5. Last field, ‘Position’ is a numeric field used to sort the whole table increasingly, starting with 1 that should be assigned to the person with ‘Chair’ Job Title.
  6. Moreover, if you want that person can be able to modify himself this kind of data in all other users, you must also click on ‘administrator member’.
  7. Save the changes