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There are some types of contents that can be created in a way that can only be seen by members of a specific group.
Is the case, for example, of basic pages. You can create a private basic page following these steps:

  1. Login with your user name
  2. Click on the “Add Content” option in the upper menu
  3. Click on the “Basic page” option
  4. Fill out the title box and the body
  5. Below these fields, you can see 2 different fields related with group functionality:

    • Group content visibility: You can choose if your content must be private for the chosen groups, or public.
    • Group Audience, your groups: Here you can see the groups to which you are subscribed, and select which of them will have access to the new Basic Page.

    By example, choosing the Technical Committee and private visibility, only members of the Technical Committee will be able to see the new content.

  6. Click on the Save button below