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All the different requested

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AvatarCarlos Horro


All the different requested tasks have been completed. There are only some comments to add:
— Please confirm path/logic around Create New Account
Currently, when one visitor registers a new user into the system , we send to the new user (and the admins) some automatic emails:
– Welcome (awaiting approval): One message is sent to the user after he registers to inform him about
that his account is awaiting to be approved by the admins.
– Warning to the admins: One message is sent to Fran to approve (or reject) that new user.
– Account activation: Another message sent to the user when the admin approves the account, with the link
to set the password and do login.
If one admin creates a new user using the form:

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The first two messages are not necessary, and the admin can choose to send to the new user one email with the information about the new account.
— Make all Affiliation content mandatory and relabel as follows: Affiliation
field = Institution/Organization/Society Name, Institution/Organization/Society website
These fields have been kept and updated, but in the user’s profile this information have been included into ‘Initial registered affiliation’ area. We’ve to add that information to a new one affiliation (with all its data: address, logo, etc.) if it’s the case.
However, user will be able to add preexistent affiliations to his profile.
— All of the above mandatory information should be saved and passed on to the new account approver, Fran.
Included information: name, surname, username, user’s email, address, ‘Initial registered affiliation’ data, bioinformatics topics, audiences.
This will be checked by Fran when she receives the first email.