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Cool. This appears to be

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Cool. This appears to be working.
I was not logged into GOBLET when i clicked on the link in the html email. It brought me directly to the issue and comments. However if I wanted to add this comment, then I had to log in. After logging in though, I was not brought back to the issue – that would be a nice feature: to return to the page you were on when you had to log in.
I notice on this page here though, that it seems I can do more than add a comment to the existing issue. I wonder if this would confuse users? Could we hide the box (above) titled “Case Information” when communicating about an issue? For example, in this issue, I just need to comment here and not open a new case.
I also like that you have added the “Notifications” box below so that I can add a comment but it does not notify everyone if I check the box. Very nice.
Another feature to consider in this improvement of the issue tracker is the ability of the issuer and assigner to add files like screenshots of problems. Not mandatory, but it would be a nice feature to have.