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Thanks for your comments.


Fran LewitterFran Lewitter


Thanks for your comments. Here are a couple of thoughts.
1) adding information to a users record is a possibility but what happens when a new person takes over as the representative for an organization? For example, I am currently the ISCB representative to GOBLET. However, within a year and a half, I will step down as the representative. Does the billing information go away from my record and get transferred to another record? For organizational members, the organization should be the key, not an individual.
2) Currently with my Google sheet, I can automatically send email individualized email to each member (using a script). This feature would need to be implemented.
3) The kinds of information I keep are:
– date of initial due request message
– date of invoice, if requested
– invoice number
– invoice amount
– amount paid
– date paid
– additional dates for 2nd, 3rd, etc mailings
– dates of responses
– contact information (name, email, institution/organization, etc)
Not sure how to proceed.