Mon, 2016-09-05 to Thu, 2016-09-08
The objective of this workshop was to teach the participants the basic theoretical and specially practical knowledge on the best bioinformatic practices published to date for both research and industry applications as well as the basic bioinformatic techniques, algorithms and software that altogether allow the participants to analyze Next Generation Sequencing projects coming from resequencing experimental designs by comparative genomics and biological annotation tools. The participants registered and that completed this course were: 1)Michelle Araiza, 2)Hugo Ramírez Álvarez, 3)Alejandro Vargas Ruiz, , 4) Lucia Angélica García-Camacho, 5)Arianna Romero Flores, 6)Manuel Saavedra, 7)Ana Gabriela Vega Munguía, 8)Ana Elvia Sánchez Mendoza, 9)Ali Berenice Posada Reyes, 10)Salvador Fonseca Coronado, 11)Carlos Gerardo García Tovar, 12)Elizabeth Aguirre García, 13)Francisco Rodolfo González, 14)Josefina Moreno Lara, 15)Carlos Ignacio Soto Zárate, 16) Marcela Autran Martínez, 17)Rita Sarai Quiroz Cruz. This course was coordinated and organized in logistics at FES by Dr. Susana Elisa Mendoza Elvira.
FES Cuatitlán
Cuautitlán Izcalli MEX 54740