Bioinformatics Bootcamp for Engineers

Mon, 2017-09-18 to Tue, 2017-09-19
Course organized by: Bioinformatics Barcelona Association (BIB) and Col·legi d'Enginyeria en Informàtica de Catalunya (COEINF) Why a course on bioinformatics for engineers? Bioinformatics is by definition an interdisciplinary field, but transitioning from an engineering background into bioinformatics requires more than a mere introduction to biology. Bioinformatics deals with algorithms and computer systems dedicated to the analysis of large datasets of biological information. From an engineering point of view, therefore, biologists are the clients and, as a result, biology itself informs many of the decisions that can and must be made when designing bioinformatics algorithms, pipelines and their deployment on hardware resources. This course focuses on two more immediate endeavors: showing participants what the field has to offer and breaking down the perceived barriers to entrance. This boot camp course has been designed to give you the three most essential elements in approaching bioinformatics: the conceptual basis for the most common lexicon in modern biology, a hands-on view of the nature, scope and format of the problems, and data wrangling and interactive insight into the methods, practices and operational framesets of modern biology. Armed with these, you should be able to approach collaborative projects in bioinformatics, interact with biologists to establish partnerships, approach primary literature in biomedicine and identify areas on which to seek further training in bioinformatics.
Via Laietana, 37 2n
08003 Barcelona Barcelona
BIB members and associated members of Enginyers de Catalunya (*): 310 €, Adhered companies to Enginyers de Catalunya: 405 €, Others: 480 €