Introduction to Biopython

Fri, 2014-01-24 to Fri, 2014-12-19
Biopython is the best-known Python library to process biological data. This two-day training is aimed to empower you to use Biopython to make your research more efficient. The first day will give you an overview of Biopython. You will take your first steps in Biopython on the command line. Afterwards, you will take a tour of the most important components: sequences, NCBI queries, BLAST, trees, and 3D structures. You will try each of these modules on practical examples. The second day will broaden your perspective: What other features does the library have? How can you use the documentation effectively? What is Biopython not capable of? What can I do to visualize my data? Are there alternatives? You are encouraged to bring your own data that you would like to process in Python. The main goal of the course is to identify Python modules and functions that help you to get your research done. Dates for this course can be established to your convenience.
Illstrasse 12
12161 Berlin
400 EUR per person