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Sociedad Iberoamericana de Bioinformática (SoIBio) (Iberoamerican Society for Bioinformatics)
James Abugri
Plasmodium falciparum Genomics, NGS data analysis
Abdirahman Ali
RNA-seq, ChIP-seq anayses
Mrs Eva Alloza
Advanced Bioinformatics training, bioinformatics, adhoc training, technical session, informative session, course, bootcamp, bioinformatics for engineers, bioinformatics for biomedicine practitioners
Ahmed M. Alzohairy Alzohairy
Simon Andrews
Emily Angiolini
Desalegn Ararso
Dr András Aszódi
cluster computing, biostatistics, programming languages, bioinformatics
Terri Attwood
bioinformatics, protein sequence analysis, linking data and literature
Dr Gary Bader
Biological networks, Pathway analysis
Ms Cecilia Banag
Ms Bronwyn Barker
Biochemistry, bioinformatics
Daniel Barker
basic bioinformatics, Linux basics, Molecular phylogeny, comparative genomics, biostatistics, genetic mutation, DNA barcoding
Michelle Barker
Leading international policy recommendations for OECD member states on development of digital skills for researchers and research support professionals, Leading development of national strategy for digital skills for researchers and research support professionals
Ms Zarrin Basharat
ℬioinℱorge βωβ (Bioinformatics across Borders)
Niall Beard
Alia Benkahla
Mainá Bitar
Sarah Blackford
Dr Marie-Claude Blatter
introduction to bioinformatics, Biological databases, protein sequence analysis, Protein sequence databases
Jaine Blayney
Survival analysis, Discovery eg unsupervised methods, Classification, Integration of omics data with clinico-path data
Erik Bongcam-Rudloff
Dr Michelle Brazas
bioinformatics, higher education, genomics
Dr Ryan Brinkman
Flow Cytometry, R, bioinformatics
Dr Monica Britton
High Throughput Sequencing Analysis, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, assembly, Variant Analysis, PacBio Sequencing Analysis, Experimental Design, Amazon
Dr Cath Brooksbank
bioinformatics, European perspective, Public domain biodata
Dr Aidan Budd
introduction to bioinformatics, multiple sequence alignment, interpreting phylogenies
Aidan Budd
Dr Melissa Burke
functional genomics, gene expression, Biological databases