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Name Topic Type
Esraa Elsaeed
Pradeep Kumar Eranti
Organiser, Trainee
Dr Donald Roy Forsdyke
Advanced Bioinformatics training, bioinformatics history, bioinformatics, Biological databases, Genome sequence analysis, plants, phytopathogens, pathogenesis, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, immunology, evolutionary biology, Biohistory Trainer
Dr Pedro Galante
Cancer Genomics, gene expression, bioinformatics, Biological databases, Genome sequence analysis, plants, phytopathogens, pathogenesis Trainer, Organiser, Trainee
Rolando Garcia-Milian
training, end-user support, enrichment analysis, Genetic Variation, Pathway analysis, Natural Language Processing tools, Genome Browsers, Network Visualization, Cytoscape Trainer, Organiser, Trainee
Dr Allison Gardner
Bioinformatics for Research, Bioinformatics lecture and laboratory, Bioinformatic algorithms implementation Trainer
Erik Garrison
Dr Andreas Gisel
Trainer, Organiser
Simon Gladman
Galaxy, github, Linux, genomics, assembly, Annotation, Variant Analysis, RNA-seq analysis, Cloud computing Trainer
Cesar González
Teacher Trainee
Dr Dominique Gorse
biostatistics, Python for Biologists, Next generation sequencing data analysis Organiser
Hadrien Gourlé
bioinformatics, Genome assembly, Annotation, RNA-seq, metagenomics Trainer
Dr Malachi Griffith
Cancer Genomics, Statistical methods in cancer, Transcriptomics Trainer
Dr Obi Griffith
Cancer Informatics, Clinical Statistics Trainer
Mr Björn Grüning
Trainer, Organiser
Ms Areum Han
computational biology, RNA Biology, Genetic Variation, Alternative Splicing, Single Nucelotide Polymorphism, RNA editing Trainer, Trainee
Tom Hancocks
Trainer, Organiser
Kate Hertweck
Bioinformatics lecture and laboratory, Bioinformatics for Research, Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry
Greg Hess
Michael Hoffman
Machine Learning, Chromatin biology, Genomic Annotation Trainer