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Mrs Eva Alloza
Advanced Bioinformatics training, bioinformatics, adhoc training, technical session, informative session, course, bootcamp, bioinformatics for engineers, bioinformatics for biomedicine practitioners
Thomas Carroll
bioinformatics, Advanced Bioinformatics training, NGS data analysis, QC of NGS data, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq anayses, RNA-seq, proteomics
Dr Javier De Las Rivas
Advanced Bioinformatics training, Bioinformatic algorithms implementation, Biological networks, Interactomics, Protein-Protein Interactions, functional genomics, Cancer Genomics
Pedro Fernandes
bioinformatics history, introduction to bioinformatics, proteomics, comparative genomics, data integration, linking data and literature, Advanced Bioinformatics training, Training technique, adhoc training, e-learning, online learning, training design
Dr Donald Roy Forsdyke
Advanced Bioinformatics training, bioinformatics history, bioinformatics, Biological databases, Genome sequence analysis, plants, phytopathogens, pathogenesis, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, immunology, evolutionary biology, Biohistory
Dr Radhika Khetani
bioinformatics, Biological databases, ChIP-seq, Experimental design for RNA-seq, Introduction to RNA-Seq analysis, High Throughput Sequencing Analysis, Genome sequence analysis, Data analysis, data visualization, Advanced Bioinformatics training, High Troughput Bioinformatics, introduction to bioinformatics
Dr Jessica Lindvall
Bioinformatics for Research, Advanced Bioinformatics training, basic bioinformatics, Scientific computing applied to biological sciences
Dr Claudia Rubiano
bioinformatics, Advanced Bioinformatics training, Machine Learning, Molecular biology
Dr Ozlem Tastan Bishop
Advanced Bioinformatics training, structural bioinformatics