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Mrs Eva Alloza
Advanced Bioinformatics training, bioinformatics, adhoc training, technical session, informative session, course, bootcamp, bioinformatics for engineers, bioinformatics for biomedicine practitioners
Dr András Aszódi
cluster computing, biostatistics, programming languages, bioinformatics
Terri Attwood
bioinformatics, protein sequence analysis, linking data and literature
Ms Bronwyn Barker
Biochemistry, bioinformatics
Alia Benkahla
Erik Bongcam-Rudloff
Dr Michelle Brazas
bioinformatics, higher education, genomics
Dr Ryan Brinkman
Flow Cytometry, R, bioinformatics
Dr Cath Brooksbank
bioinformatics, European perspective, Public domain biodata
Thomas Carroll
bioinformatics, Advanced Bioinformatics training, NGS data analysis, QC of NGS data, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq anayses, RNA-seq, proteomics
B Patrick Chapman
bioinformatics, command line, cluster computing
Alan Christoffels
Manuel Corpas
bioinformatics, NGS, JavaScript, perl, Annotation, genomics, Transcriptomics
Radina Droumeva
Flow Cytometry, R, bioinformatics
Hadrien Gourlé
bioinformatics, Genome assembly, Annotation, RNA-seq, metagenomics
Carlos Horro
bioinformatics, computational biology
Rafael C Jimenez
bioinformatics, proteomics, integration
Dr Radhika Khetani
bioinformatics, Biological databases, ChIP-seq, Experimental design for RNA-seq, Introduction to RNA-Seq analysis, High Throughput Sequencing Analysis, Genome sequence analysis, Data analysis, data visualization, Advanced Bioinformatics training, High Troughput Bioinformatics, introduction to bioinformatics
Dr Ann Meyer
Dr Sarah L Morgan
Dr Nicola Mulder
bioinformatics, Annotation, Sequence analysis, functional genomics
Monica Munoz-Torres
genome annotation, genomics, biocuration, genome curation, bioinformatics, functional annotation, phylogenetics
Dr Patricia Palagi
bioinformatics, programming, proteomics, python, training, Project management
Dr Claudia Rubiano
bioinformatics, Advanced Bioinformatics training, Machine Learning, Molecular biology
Dr Gabriella Rustici
bioinformatics, computational biology
Dr Reza Salek
metabolomics, Biological databases, Data analysis, Standards, bioinformatics
Dr Lincoln Stein
bioinformatics, Biological networks, data visualization, data integration
Dr Chris Taylor
bioinformatics, biomathematics, evolutionary biology, population genetics
Dr Celia van Gelder
Dr allegra.via Via
bioinformatics, python, Python for Biologists, Biopython, structural bioinformatics